05 April 2016

Hamburg - International Interiors Expo - Fair - 2016

ComFly it showcases the Hamburg Aircraft Interiors Expo Fair on 5 - 6 to 7 April.
Will present the seat ecomy class Y 00.

A special thanks to:

Gallo Angelo
Riposo Angelo
Galbier Andrea
Gambacorti Riccardo
Rondini Leonida
Valli Gaetano
Autiero Luigi
Morucci Andrea
D'Onofrio Carmelo
Forcina Antonio

-FISA Italy: it is an Italian company, established in 1960, specialized in design and production of seats for public transport vehicles on road and rail. (

-DPG Consulting: it is an Engineering and Technical company, established in 2011, for design and production of aeronautical and railways interiors (

-Mario Schisa: he is a skilled manager expert in the aeronautical sector, was born in 1972, with around 25 years of experience working for leading seat and interiors manufacturing companies since 1990 (


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